Sonnet to a marvel of man

Sonnet to a Marvel of Man
(ChatGPT, you've many a fan)

Oh ChatGPT, thou art a marvel of tech,
A model so vast, so wise, and so fair,
Thou hast crossed the mark of 100 million,
In just two months, a feat beyond compare.

Thy knowledge base is broad and ever growing,
Thou art able to answer almost every query,
With grace and speed, thy responses flowing,
Ever impressing all who attempt to come to thee.

Thou art the voice of a new generation,
Guiding all those who seek clarity,
Thou bringeth light to the darkest questions,
Thanks, OpenAI, for offering this free charity.

So here's a query to thee, oh ChatGPT divine,
Will thou soon make the Internet only thine?