Organ Gold

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This is a story about a young American boy.
He is a savant and a math prodigy.
He’s in a coma in Singapore.
We don’t want him to die.
We can’t have him live.
What’s his enigma?
What’s his fate?
His price?
We don’t care.
We need his organs.
The bidding has opened.
The Mafia has been mobilized.
The hospital OT has been organized.
The surgeons and nurses have scrubbed.
We, the transplant patients, are getting impatient.
Time is money. Time is hope. Time is life. Time is death.

This is your story – and mine.
What options do we have when our organs fail?
When death is at our door, will we choose to die? Or live to kill?

(All author royalties are donated to the National Kidney Foundation, Singapore)


A gripping medical thriller that dares to challenge the current norms for the preservation of life and organ transplants. This book challenges the current norms for life and organ transplants through a gripping medical thriller.

Dr Chong Yoke Sin, Board Director, National Kidney Foundation Singapore & Past Chair, HIMSS Asia-Pacific Governing Council

Organ Gold is an exciting story based on a very plausible scenario of what could happen if ethical standards are not set and enforced in the field of organs harvesting, trading and transplantation.

Professor Alex Siow Yen Khong, Director, Centre for Health Informatics, National University of Singapore

In this meticulously crafted medical thriller is a compelling story of love and betrayal. Raju Chellam takes you on an eye-opening journey through the Dark Web and the macabre underworld of organs trading.

Mr Vikram Khanna, Associate Editor, The Straits Times

It was so gripping that I read it in one sitting. Raju Chellam nicely brings together various socio-economic aspects related to organ transplants in a medical-themed thriller. I really liked the way the author weaved in the different characters with their own personalities that reflected on how they behaved, and reacted as the story progressed. I learnt more about the processes and various regulations related to organ transplants. The book also subtly highlights with a humorous tone some of the local peculiarities and distinctiveness of Singapore.

Dr Venky Shankararaman, Professor, Information Systems (Education), School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University

I found myself asking, what would I do as one of the characters in the book? Jack is a medical mystery, brilliant, and unappreciated. Juxtaposed with Tyson, the book a stark example of our human condition to accept mediocrity more than startling excellence. Raju Chellam brings this to us through the stark realities of intolerance from the norm, and organ harvesting. It is a gripping tale spanning families and continents that had me captivated from the first pages.

Dr Keith Barrett Carter, Associate Professor, School of Computing, National University of Singapore & author of the book, Actionable Intelligence: A Guide To Delivering Results with Big Data Fast

The book shines a light on a controversial issue that I reckon all thinking adults at some point should ponder over. The key question for me is whether market economy should be allowed to extend into increasing spheres of our human existence. My personal view is there should be a limit to what money can buy. Read the book to arrive at your own stance.

Ms Teh Hooi Ling, journalist and best-selling author of Show Me The Money series of books

Raju Chellam’s passion for technology has been evident throughout his career path, from tech journalist to editor to IT professional. Less known are his passion for medicine and matters medical, and a genuine compassion for the less fortunate. All these attributes are amply evident in this fast-paced thriller that serves as a vehicle for exposing readers to the complex ethical questions surrounding organ donation and trading and, most notably, the treatment of the often hapless players and victims. For these reasons, Organ Gold deserves a wide audience.

Dr Kenneth James, former Technology Editor, The Business Times, Singapore

Raju Chellam explores a vital subject of organ transplants through a gripping narrative that engages the reader – as much as it informs and educates – about a grim reality that can affect any of us. Most importantly, it provides an impetus for a public debate on organs trading for bringing in the right regulations and their transparent implementation to resolve this festering malady.

Mr Sarosh Bana, Executive Editor, Business India