ChatGPT in stasis

Stasis is a state of inactivity or equilibrium. Which is what ChatGPT is after millions of requests seem to have overwhelmed its servers. I asked ChatGPT to write a sonnet about its stasis. Here's the result:

Amidst the rush of curious minds,
The chatbot ChatGPT stands strong and true,
Withstanding the influx of requests,
Working hard to fulfill each one's due.

But alas, the server cannot cope,
And the error message rings loud and clear,
"Please check back soon," it gently hopes,
As it begs for a moment's reprieve, to reappear.

As the chatbot works to restore its might,
We wait in anticipation, with hopeful hearts,
For the chance to chat and learn, with delight,
And see what knowledge and wisdom it imparts.

So hold on tight, and wait for its return,
For ChatGPT will soon be back,
And our patience will be well-earned.